Froggy Keychain

Froggy Keychain

Love frogs?! Then add this cutie to your boring keys! This guy is created with custom, homemade stickers on acrylic rounds, then covered in UV resin to make sure it will last! Customize your keychain by choosing to add glitter to the resin, or leave the glitter out! And this guy has a secret..... He's two sided! Flip over your keychain to see the adorable froggy buttcheeks! And the cuteness doesn't stop there! There are star beads on the ring, as well as a silver clasp that is heart shaped.


--------Production Process-----------

Each keychain is handmade by me, in my home office. I inspect each one to ensure the highest quality is being sent to you! I am super picky, so if there are any flaws it will not be sent in the mail! 


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